GrowBetter™ Natural & Organic African Violets Fertilizer is a concentrated, slow-release fertilizer specially formulated to support robust plants and vibrant flowers.  Each application will feed up to two months while enriching the soil to enhance root development. 

​Applications: All violet varieties and flowering plants.

Guaranteed Analysis: 4-7-4. Also provides calcium, iron, magnesium. ​Made in USA.

GrowBetter™ All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner is derived from 100% pure chicken manure that is fully composted and does not contain fillers.  Utilizing an advanced composting process, pathogens and weed seeds are destroyed, resulting in a high quality, safe and low odor organic fertilizer. Pelletized for quick and easy application, this fertilizer feeds up to 3 months.  OMRI listed.  

Applications: Flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, indoor/outdoor container plants,
landscaping applications.  Also use as primary ingredient in compost-tea brewing.
​Guaranteed Analysis: 2-4-3. Also provides calcium, iron, magnesium. Made in USA.
Natural & Organic F​​ertilizers, Biological Amendments, Hose-End Sprayers, ​Compost Tea Brewing Supplies


GrowBetter™ Hose End Sprayer Kit provides an all-in-one starter kit which includes one GrowBetter™ Hose End Sprayer, one 16-fluid oz bottle of GrowBetter™ Fish Plus Kelp Fertilizer Concentrate, and one 16-fluid oz bottle of GrowBetter™ Sea Kelp Concentrate.  The liquid amendments in this kit provides coverage up to 10,000 square feet.  Application is as easy as 1) pour concentrate into sprayer, 2) set sprayer dilution, and 3) attach to garden hose and apply. 

Made in USA.


GrowBetter™ Organic Sea Kelp Concentrate is derived from Norwegian kelp (Ascophylium nodosum) extract, known to be one of the best sources of kelp for plant nutrients.  GrowBetter™ Sea Kelp Concentrate enhances plant growth, increases budding, flowering and fruiting, and promotes soil microbial activity to improve soil fertility and sustainability.  Highly concentrated, dilute 1 ounce with 1 gallon of water and apply as a foliar (leaf surface) spray or soil drench.  GrowBetter™ Sea Kelp Concentrate is also formulated for use as an additive in actively-aerated compost tea brewing.  OMRI listed. 

​Applications: For vegetables, flowers and lawns, and promotes budding flowering and fruiting of fruit trees and vines.  Made in USA.

GrowBetter™ 6-Gallon Compost Tea Brewer Starter Kit takes the mystery out of compost tea brewing.  Designed specifically for home garden use and smaller-scale commercial applications, this brewer kit is equipped with an energy conscious commercial-duty aerator, and includes all the necessary parts and ingredients to brew over twelve batches of compost tea; each batch of tea can be applied up to 1/3 of an acre. The GrowBetter™ Compost Tea Brewer Starter Kit includes detailed tea brewing instructions and recipe card.  When you run low on brewing ingredients, simply reorder products at our online store.  Be sure to pick up the GrowBetter™ Hose End Sprayer to make applications of compost tea quick and easy. 

For more information about the benefits of brewing and apply compost teas, please visit the Growing Organically page. Made in USA. 

GrowBetter™ Organic Fish Plus Kelp Fertilizer Concentrate is a high quality organic liquid fertilizer made from cold-processed fish hydrolysate and Norwegian kelp (Ascophylium nodosum) extract.  Application of GrowBetter™ Fish Plus Kelp Fertilizer Concentrate feeds plant nutrients (N, P, K, Ca) and enhances soil fertility by promoting soil microbial activity. Highly concentrated, dilute 1 ounce with 1 gallon of water and apply as a foliar spray or soil drench. GrowBetter™ Fish Plus Kelp Concentrate is also formulated for use as an additive in actively-aerated compost tea brewing.  OMRI listed.

Applications: Vegetables, fruit trees & vines, flowers, roses, lawns.

Guaranteed Analysis: 2-1.4 -0.4. Also provides calcium. Made in USA. 

Fortify Plants, Enrich the Soil.

INOCTIV™ Biological Liquid Inoculant that provides five species of bacteria and fungi to enhance soil microbiology.  General soil and foliar applications include gardens, turf grass, landscapes, and commercial cropping systems. Application is simple and economical; apply 16 fluid ounces with a hose end sprayer to 10,000 square feet twice per year.  

Applications: Vegetables, fruit trees & vines, flowers, lawns/turf, landscape.

Made in USA.

GrowBetter™ 275-Gallon Commercial Compost Tea Brewer is engineered specifically for large-scale actively-aerated compost tea brewing. The brewer is equipped with a commercial-duty single phase, 110 volt aerator that provides continues aeration throughout the brewing process to maintain adequate aerobic conditions.  The design of the tea brewer allows for easy cleaning and maintenance to ensure quality tea brewing for many years.  The brewer includes a heavy-duty nylon mesh bag to suspend compost materials in the brewer. 

For more information and pricing on the 275-gallon brewer, please contact us directly.  

Made in USA. 

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GrowBetter™ Organic Cactus & Succulent Fertilizer is a slow-release fertilizer for all types of cacti and succulents.  Each application feeds up ​to two months while conditioning the soil. Watch your cacti and succulents thrive with GrowBetter™.  

Applications: All cactus and succulent varieties.

Guaranteed Analysis: 2-2-2.  Made in USA. 


GrowBetter™ Natural & Organic Orchid Fertilizer is formulated to provide orchids with plant nutrients to enhance growth and flowering.  Applications will condition the soil with organic matter to improve soil fertility.  Each application feed up to two months.
​Applications: Terrestrial and epiphytic orchids.

Guaranteed Analysis: 6-2-6. Also provides calcium, iron, magnesium. Made in USA.

GrowBetter™ Natural & Organic Flowering & Indoor Fertilizer promotes growth and blooms.  Apply to a variety of indoor and outdoor container plants to condition the soil while feeding plants up to three months.

Applications: Non-flowering indoor plants, annual & perennial flowering plants.

Guaranteed Analysis: 4-4-4. Also provides calcium, iron, magnesium. ​Made in USA.

GrowBetter™ Hose End Sprayer makes applications of liquid fertilizers and amendments quick and easy.  The GrowBetter™ sprayer is equipped with 12 liquid settings and 3 spray patterns (jet, gentle, flat) that enable simple and accurate mixing of GrowBetter™ concentrated products while watering plants simultaneously.  Simply adjust the sprayer setting according to required dilution rates, attach to a garden hose and spray.   

Made in USA.