Growing successfully is easier said than done.  Simply adding synthetic nutrients and pest-control inputs does not generate sustained profits in the long term.  In today's environment farmers, landscape professionals, grove and turf managers, and gardeners are looking to do more with less while striving to be better stewards of limited resources.  We understand your challenges and offer solutions to help each client implement customized long-term sustainable solutions. 

Jongs provides consulting services to assist clients transition to more sustainable & holistic management approaches in commercial crop production systems, as well as turf and landscape management. At Jongs, our approach to addressing the challenges faced by clients includes lab analysis, customized recommendations, and a diverse offering of products to address client needs.  


We help clients: 

  • Conduct soil and tissue analysis to evaluate biological and nutrient composition.
  • Increase yield by improving soil food web and plant-specific soil biology with compost teas and amendments.
  • Improve long-term soil structure and water-holding capacity.
  • Increase nutrient retention and nutrient cycling.
  • Improve soil fertility and sustainability.
  • Promote beneficial microorganism to reduce disease.
  • Reduce/minimize application of synthetic inputs.
  • Reduce inputs related costs, thereby improving long term profitability.

For more information or to request consulting services, please send us an email. 

Fortify Plants, Enrich the Soil.

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Lab Analysis of Soil Food Web, Interpretation of Results, 
‚Äčand Recommendations
~ Client-Specific Organic and Hybrid Fertilizing Programs
Compost Tea Brewing
Commercial Compost Tea Brewing Equipment
Product Knowledge Sessions ~
Soil Food Web Seminars