Fortify Plants, Enrich the Soil.



For three generations, our family tradition has been to grow and produce agricultural products naturally and organically. As family farmers, community members and consumers, we understand the importance of environmental stewardship; this is our way of business. Our passion is to help others easily engage in sustainable practices through education, the application of renewable products, and holistic science-based solutions.  

Jongs is excited to share the secrets of our growing success: use of premium, natural and organic fertilizers that we have developed over the years from trial and error, and proven successful on our own farms. These products are available to help you grow fruitfully and sustainably.  

Please explore our website to learn more about the various GrowBetter™natural and organic fertilizers and how these products can you help you grow naturally and organically at home, or on a larger scale. 

Let's grow together!

​The Jong Family